Who We Are

We are a leading Indian automotive bearing production company that specialises in manufacturing Double Angular Contact (DAC) bearings. We
provide sturdy industrial-grade bearings with high longevity at the most competitive prices.

Our global manufacturing facility in Gujarat has a production capacity of over XXXX units. We offer more than 60 varieties of DAC bearings for both domestic and international markets. These DAC bearings serve multiple purposes and have numerous applications, including automotive axels, axial & radial load-bearing, and rotation of parts for precise movements. The cost-effectiveness of production has helped us establish APB as a significant exporter of automotive bearings internationally.

Our Mission

APB aims to bridge the supply-
demand gap that prevails in the
contemporary automotive bearings
market by leveraging its extensive
production capacity.

The idea is to create different DAC bearings from scratch by utilising domestic resources and labour. It will also boost employment generation in India. Moreover, our highly economical pricing will help us put Indian products on a global pedestal, advancing the ‘Make in India’ objectives. We also aim to curb the notion of ‘low-price’ being associated with ‘low-quality’.

Core Values


We strive to achieve excellence through continuous innovation in the methods and technologies used to produce DAC bearings.  


Producing robust, durable, and high-quality DAC bearings ranks highly among the list of our unwavering priorities. 


Our meticulous supply-chain management practices allow us to fulfil all orders from domestic and global customers without delays.